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NAV-750 LED Display Modification










              Old vs. New Display                          Display Segment Failure                           LED Modification


The IFR NAV-750 is still one of the best workhorses for VOR/ILS bench work.   One of the drawbacks is when the display segments fail.  What can you do if that happens?  We have the answer!

With our new LED display conversion, the old display board is replaced using LED readouts and the drivers are replaced with obtainable integrated circuits.  In the very remote event of a display or driver failure, replacements are cheap and readily available.  Plus, our modification is engineered to retain the look and exact function of the original gas plasma display. 

The installation of our modification is $500.00.  The manufacturer charges more than that for one display segment and the old display has three segments per board.  As an added bonus to you, we will discount the modification by $50.00 if you request calibration of your NAV-750 during modification!

So, if you want to keep that old workhorse going, give us a call!