Aero Standard Calibration


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      What are your business hours?

               Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.
      What type of certification do you have?
               Our lab complies with the American National Standard for Calibration ANSI/NCSL-Z540.3-2006.
      Do you provide before/after calibration data sheets for all serviceable units?
               We only provide them if requested before calibration is performed and at a 25% surcharge.
      Is a certificate and sticker included in the calibration price?
               Yes, the unit will have a sticker on it and the certificate will be shipped or delivered with the equipment.
      How long will it take to get my equipment back?
               A week or less for calibration, repairs may take longer depending upon parts availability.  
      Do you sell new and/or used test equipment and replacement tools?
               No, we only provide calibration and repair services for customer owned equipment.
      What is your labor rate and any additional fees that may be charged?

               Labor Rate $85 per hour.

               Calibration Data Sheet (Before/After):  25% surcharge.
               Expedite Fee (1-2 Days):  25% surcharge  or  While You Wait 100% surcharge. 
               Evaluation Fee:  Up to a maximum of $200 depending upon the complexity of the unit.  If the unit is found
               beyond economical repair or not reparable due to parts no longer being available, an appropriate fee will
               be charged to cover time spent on unit.
               Exception:  The fee will be waived if the unit is reparable and we're authorized by the customer to perform 
               the repair or we subcontract it for repair.